Falling Out of Love is an interactive science-fiction VR Music Experience inspired by the Star Trek and the Holodeck for the song of the same name by the band Aloud.

We take you on a journey through a futuristic Holodeck simulation, in which you will become one of two characters, to explore the possibility that the dissatisfaction with your partner, which can ultimately lead to you falling out of love, might stem from something unresolved within yourself and from other factors keeping you from being present with your partner.

The VR experience utilizes the potential of agency and empathy within VR as tools of storytelling.

Furthermore, this VR music experience is part of an intention to revolutionize the music video as we know it. The director Skye Von wrote an article about this on Hammer & Tusk. You can find it HERE.

Meet the Team

Skye Von

Skye Von is a director, writer and VR creator based in NYC. Committed to writing and visualizing stories that captivate and inspire her audiences, Skye uses both the page, the stage, the silver screen, and the metaverse to do so. Skye was selected as the 2016’s IFP/Indiegogo Fellow at the NY Media Center for Falling Out of Love. She contributes to such publication as UploadVR and Hammer & Tusk on emerging trends in Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Aloud is a four-piece rock n' roll band based out of Boston led by songwriters and dual lead vocalists Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain. Aloud's music has been featured on NPR, ESPN, Huffington Post, and the Boston Globe. They are currently working on a follow-up to their most recent album, the critically acclaimed ​It's Got To Be Now, with producer Benny Grotto. Notably, they once gave U2’s Bono a copy of Aloud’s debut album, which he promptly autographed and returned to them.

Tanya Leal-Soto

Tanya Leal-Soto is a Los Angeles-based producer and content creator. She has worked in theatre, film, TV and Art exhibits for the last 15 years. She is LA Chapter organizer for StoryCode, an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers. Tanya is also a professional puppeteer.

Charles Newman

Charles Newman is a Brooklyn based music producer and co-founder of Mother West, a boutique music production, licensing management company and indie label. He's worked with an array of artists including The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R Jones, Soko, and many more. He swears by spin classes at the gym.

Our Partners

NYU Magnet

We have partnered with NYU and their division called MAGNET (the Media and Games Network), a facility researching live performance and social virtual reality, to capture full body scans of our performers using photogrammetry.

Javier Molina

Javier Molina is a professor teaching motion capture with performance art and the director of the VR Lab at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in MAGNET.

New York Institute of Technology

We have partnered with The New York Institute of Technology and their division called the HIVE (Home of Innovation, Visualization, and Exploration) the lab features motion capture technologies such as FaceShift Headgear and Synertial Gloves, Oculus Rift virtual reality software, and 3-D printers and scanners.

Michael Hosenfeld

Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department
New York Institute of Technology
Project Manager

Matt Cornelius

Art and Technologies Director/Motion Capture Director
The HIVE, Fine Arts Department, New York Institute of Technology
Technical Director

Terry Nauheim

Chair/Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department
New York Institute of Technology
Faculty Mentor

This is a short PreVisualization video created with the help of New York Institute of Technology using their Mo-cap facility at their Long Island campus. This was the first test to map out how the VR experience will be shot in live-action.

Evolving Technologies Corporation

We have partnered with Evolving Technologies Corporation, a design and media shop focused on creating custom Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Haptic, Sonic & Web experiences for exhibition, museums, corporations & theme parks, to develop the game engine and environment for the VR experience.

Loren Abdulezer

Loren is the CEO of Evolving Technologies Corporation.

Christopher Lobello

Christopher is the Prototyping Engineer at Evolving Technologies Corporation.